music for films

music for films ( composer works and theremin part)

Sneep Islands 2015 Denmark

director – Barbara Christensen
music – Peter Theremin

Have you ever wondered how it feels like living at the end of the world? The Faroe Islands are set in the middle of nowhere in the Northatlantic sea far away from everything. It consist of 18 small rocks with only 50.000 people living there – a clear minority compared to the 70.000 sheep they share the islands with.
This short documentary explores the unique relationship full of traditions the people have the sheep in this secluded and isolated place.

Sounds of Vladivostok 2017 Cypros – Russia

director and composer -Marios Ioannou Elia
theremin part and cameo – Peter Theremin


directed by Lesya Matsko
music – Peter Theremin
for at the Centre Pompidou


Color 4K video, Sound by Peter Theremin, loop 6’53 »
Ed of 5 + 2 A.P.

The Waltz of Vladimir, 2018 was filmed on the banks of the Oka river in Dzerzinsk, Russia, where Vladimir Shukhov built the world’s only diagrid hyperboloid transmission tower in the late 1920’s. During the drone flight around the tower, the structure itself seems to move in the air and engage a sort of dance with the camera that became the partner. A very intense exchange in which we can discover a new perspective on the avantgarde architecture.

«The images in Matthieu Martin’s film reveal the immensity of the Shukhov tower, its serious yet light personality, and its eternal fragility. The film being shot from a camera mounted on a drone offers us a radiant choreography, a mystical and mathematical nuptial dance around and inside this hand-painted book; an architectural rationalism that seems straight out of 3D design software contrasts with the natural setting that surrounds it. And yet, the Shukhov tower appears terribly human, full of a simple dignity that only needs to flourish in the uchronia of Matthieu Martin’s film.»
Nicolas Audureau

Lessons of Auschwitz VR film, Russia, 2020

Director – Denis Semenov
EMMY nomination, winner of the Clio Award, CreativePool, etc

The Lessons of Auschwitz project is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp. Nine Moscow schoolchildren expressed in VR their emotions from visiting the Auschwitz memorial. We have transferred them into their own artworks using the technology of volumetric video capture (Volumetric). Peter Theremin, the great-grandson of Lev Theremin, the inventor of the Theremin, took part and wrote music for the project. In the project, we have combined volumetric capture, audio-active Tilt Brush, computer graphics and mixed reality.

ANIMA 2021 Russia

Directed by Liliya Timirzyanova
theremin part and music – Peter Theremin

The conductor (Anna) suddenly leaves the city and silently lives alone in the northern forest on the seashore. Once a chorus girl (Aglaya) comes to her in the hope of returning Anna to her destiny, but remains with her outside of time and boundaries between reality and sleep. Gradually the voice of the chorus girl becomes the inner voice of the silent conductor.

The film won the Grand Prix of the prestigious Italian film festival Asolo Art Film Festival (39 years ago, Andrei Tarkovsky took the Grand Prix of this film festival for the film “Andrei Rublev”), participated in the Egyptian festival El Gouna Film Festival (in the same section with such directors as Wes Anderson, Jacques Audiard, Audrey Divan, Francois Ozon, Kira Kovalenko, Vladimir Bitokov), the Polish Sputnik Russian Film Festival, the Spanish BIDEODROMO Film Festival, the Russian Amur Autumn Film Festival and the Paris International Film Festival 2022.

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